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Mechanical Contractor Drives Robotic Efficiency on High-Rise Tower

Posted by Trimble in HVAC    11/23/2010

A fast-track, 54-story commercial office tower currently under development in Australia has become a technology proving ground for the Triple ‘M’ Group, a leading Australian mechanical contractor.

For the first time, the firm applied a unique combination of robotic laser technology to better link design concepts and the jobsite, thereby ensuring 100% install of ducts, hangers and pipes per design specifications.

The high-rise project requires separate runs of ductwork for heating and cooling and includes the latest in high efficiency air conditioning, heating and water systems. Triple ‘M’, a wholly owned subsidiary of BSA Limited, is the coordinating contractor for the high-rise, even as it also designs, fabricates and installs the required HVAC systems.

Peter Szach, project manager for Triple ‘M’ says, “The mechanical system is complex, to say the Read More >
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