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Managed by as-built modeling

Posted by Tekla Corporation in Concrete    10/17/2010

When the first structural elements were delivered on site the new Sorbonne University UAE campus, it was a concern that the precast concrete elements did not line up with the steel components. Tekla Structures BIM (Building Information Modeling) software was taken into use by Al Habtoor Murray and Roberts Joint Venture (HMR) to enable as built validation of the structures. "In the Sorbonne project we implemented BIM to coordinate with the subcontractors between the construction of the main structure and the process of steel and façade (GRC) fabrication and installation. In addition, we used BIM technology to validate the as-built status of the structure," says Ron Brinkman, technical manager at Murray and Roberts Contractors.

"Coordination between us, the main contractor, and the steel and façade subcontractors was a challenge that we overcame with the help of Tekla software. Changes to the as-built Read More >
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